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Liaoyang Wanrun Magnesium Products Co., Ltd. is located in Qiandu Village, Liuerbao Town, Liaoyang County, Liaoning Province, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. It produces and processes magnesia ore powder and light burnt magnesia balls of various specifications, as well as synthetic spherical deoxidizers of silicon, aluminum, barium and calcium with various indexes. It has 2 automated production lines and an annual production capacity of more than 200,000 tons.

We strictly select high-quality raw materials from the source. According to the needs of our customers, engineers carefully guide and strictly formulate, standardize the operation of workers, and produce a variety of different physical and chemical indicators of light burnt magnesia powder and various magnesium products refractories.


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What are the benefits of using light burnt magnesia balls? Light burned magnesia ball is a kind of alkaline refractory product, light burned magnesia powder. ...
2020 12/15

  • Manufacturing method of universal light burnt magnesia ball
    Manufacturing method...
    The utility model belongs to the field of metallurgical refractory materials, and particularly relates to a light burnt magnesia ball. It is made by using ordi...
    2020 11/20
  • Why light burnt magnesia balls control the content of silicon
    Why light burnt...
    This kind of light-burned magnesia ball is common in the steel enterprises in the northeast and coastal areas, because the northeast is rich in magnesite resour...
    2020 11/20
  • How to improve the hardness of light burnt magnesia ball manufacturers
    How to improve the...
    The strength and hardness are improved by heat treatment. The effects of various heat treatments are provided below. For light-burned magnesium balls, y...
    2020 11/20
  • What are the mixed materials added with light burnt magnesia balls
    What are the mixed...
    The light-burned magnesia ball is mainly used as the slag protection component regulator of the converter slag splash protection. Because the slag splashi...
    2020 11/20